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Benjamin Bales

Benjamin is a serial entrepreneur and software engineer based in Austin, TX. After graduating from Georgia Tech in 2012, he worked briefly as a software engineer in the aerospace industry in Atlanta, before founding his first company, QbitLogic, in 2014. For over 4 years, he successfully led and managed the product development team at QbitLogic, notably acquiring a DARPA SBIR grant to research the application of state of the art AI and machine learning technologies to find and repair defects in computer software. In addition, his team participated in the world's first startup incubator for Quantum Machine Learning at the Creative Destruction Lab in Toronto in 2018.  His current venture, GoTeachMe, delivers educational games and experiences to students in undergraduate STEM courses using cutting edge AR and VR hardware.

Luke Hansen

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Annabelle Porter

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June 2019
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Received funding
September 2019
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Launched to public
December 2019
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